Kate Rice: The Stranger Among You

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Weller's is pleased to welcome author Kate Rice on Monday, August 12, at 6:30 PM for a discussion and signing of The Stranger Among You: How the Faith-Based Refugee Resettlement Movement Is Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos.

Where do secular liberals and religious conservatives stand shoulder to shoulder?

In refugee resettlement.

It turns out that a literal reading of the Bible dovetails neatly with what some see is as a liberal cause. But refugee resettlement is not blue or red. It's a unifying cause, as documented in The Stranger Among You: How the Faith-Based Refugee Resettlement Movement is Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos.

The book covers a national movement in the Bible Belt and other red states that sees evangelicals and other religious conservatives taking the words of the Bible literally and treating the foreigner as their neighbor, and that neighbor as their brother or sister. These are people seeking to live the words of the Bible in Matthew, John, and Leviticus by helping the very refugees the Trump administration seeks to keep out of the country.

And in doing so they are reaching out to the community beyond their church doors.

The result: Trump voters and Clinton voters, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, the religious and the secular are leaving their political comfort zones to work in solidarity to support refugees here in the U.S.

Kate Rice is a prize-winning travel industry reporter turned refugee resettlement volunteer. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters. A native of a purple-to-red corner of Wisconsin, she now lives in New York City, gateway for generations of immigrants and refugees.
Rice is an enthusiastic traveler, runner, skier, bookworm, java junkie and Green Bay Packer fan. Above all, she is an American who has learned that to be a citizen of this great country is both a gift and a responsibility. This is her first book.

Event date: 
Monday, August 12, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102