May Collectors Book Salon

Weller Book Works Collectors Book Salons feature libations and treats, social time for conversation and a special deal on rare books that is only available to guests. Books are bridges across the divides of time and space and like they embrace the diversity of the human experience, we try to keep our treats, speakers and deals diverse which is maybe another word for unpredictable.

The May Salon will take an Orwellian turn with our own Emma Fox.  April Collectors Book Salon presenter Emma FoxEmma Fox is a former bookseller turned historian who studies the political history of America and Britain in the early 20th century. For her salon chat, Emma will make a case for why we need to read more Orwell.

As an essayist, few writers of the Interwar period were as wry and direct as Eric Blair, who published under his nom-de-plume, George Orwell.   Orwell’s later novels enormously impacted the ideology of the Cold War and are still widely read, but the more obscure essays he wrote as a down-and-out loner offer social criticisms that we can learn from, today. Emma will discuss some of her research on Orwell and why Orwell still matters.
Event address: 
607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102