Virtual Event: Poetry, Film and Music With Local Artist Steve Creson

We're delighted to announce a virtual event with local poet and artist, Steve Creson, who will be sharing poems from his latest collection Big Day, a short film shot on 16 mm, and a music video from Fern Creson. Tune into our FB page Saturday, December 5th at 2 PM where the event will be livestreamed!

From the afterword of Big Day, written by Jim Jones:

In his art Steve Creson never makes a mistake. His poetry, films, photographs, paintings, collages, and designs are all authentic expressions of his personality. It sounds simple, but all these genres tempt the artist to impersonate an idealized self, a self made in some sense to fit the genre. But Creson's work is all of a piece, and perhaps because he has always worked with his hands for a living, he has never given in to the temptation to idealize himself or his world.

Husband of a performance artist, father of a budding pop singer, easing into retirement from his successful construction business, Steve is still exploring new media, new projects, in his studio in Salt Lake City, still giving readings and showing-during the pandemic, streaming-his films, mounting exhibitions of his visual art. The book you hold in your hands is his Big Day, the culmination of a lifetime of writing, but it's not his final word.

Big Day, the grand example of Steve Creson's unfailing aesthetic sense, is guaranteed to teach the reader something important about the creative potential in the tension between past and present. "Writing now is immediate as it gets," the poet says in "Winter Flesh." Attentive reading replicates the act of writing, so this is a book you can read from end to beginning and, thanks to the alchemy of art, come out feeling more like Steve-and more like your own authentic self.

Join us on our FB page Saturday, December 5th at 2 PM!

Big Day can be ordered through, or by calling (801) 328-2586.

Event date: 
Saturday, December 5, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Event address: 
607 Trolley Square
Salt Lake City, UT 84102