Used Book Buying

APRIL 2024: We are very sorry to announce we are having technical problems processing second-hand and rare books. We are working on repairs but cannot predict when we will succeed. For this reason, we are not making appointments to purchase used books until August. If you need to sell books sooner, we must refer you to the other bookshops in town. Believe me, we like this situation less than you do.

Weller Book Works booksellers love books. We love new books and we love old books. We stock our used and rare departments with books bought from personal collections.

All used and rare book purchasing is done by appointment. We evaluate small batches of books in store and we make house-calls for large collections. We are offered more books than we have room for but we see as many as time permits.

If you have books you want to sell, please call one of our Used Book Buyers at 801.328.2586.

We make appointments by phone in order to asks questions and hear answers quickly. The Buyer will want to know approximately how many books you are trying to sell and have a brief description of their topics. Please let the buyer direct questioning. We think well in terms of bags, boxes and bookcases so it is not necessary to count your books. We do not make offers or estimates without physical examination. If you are in a remote location, we will limit our transactions to books of notable scarcity and value.

There are millions of books circulating in our communities (you’d think we’d all be brilliant) but there are many that are no longer saleable. We buy second hand and rare books on many topics. Even with our lengthy experience it is challenging to keep up with the diverse and ever-changing sensibilities of readers. We will consider noteworthy or beautiful books in nearly any field when in good condition. Don’t try to guess what we will likely want, we’ll take care of that. Just focus on what you want to sell. Our selection criteria varies according to many factors.

A trait that is always important to us is condition. Very few books are uncommon enough to overcome poor condition. Condition is about the whole book, not just pages.

For small collections of books and common or slow-to sell titles, we offer in-store credit only. For large collections or ones containing books of high value, we make offers on a case by case basis.

When you are ready to describe the books you want to sell, call 801-328-2586 and ask for a Used Book Buyer.