Welcome Back into Weller Book Works

After weeks of selling books from behind closed doors we are happy to welcome you back into our bookstore.

Monday, August 17th, we re-opened to browsing and even with the enduring concerns about safety, it has felt good returning to a semblance or ordinary bookselling. Each of us has been affected by the challenges CoViD19 in different ways and to different degrees. We are maintaining careful safety protocols and while hours and staffing levels are not as wide or large as during pre-pandemic times, we’ll increase both as circumstances improve. We are still providing curb-side pick-up service and ordering and shipping books as fast as we are able. To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we require face-coverings by all and we sanitize commonly touched surfaces daily. We have plexiglass dividers at common service points and ask customers to sanitize hands upon entry. So far there have been no reported cases of coronavirus in our staff and we intend to keep it that way. Thank you for the support you have given us during the months of closure. Thank you also for respecting the safety measures we have taken in our bookstore for the safety and health of all.


Please Vote and Encourage Your Friends to Do It

If a restaurant doesn’t have the dish one orders, a prudent diner selects another dish. I have cast many votes for candidates who didn’t win. I am rather impatient with incremental change and feel best voting for someone whose ideals and policies cut to the chase with bold solutions to issues at stake. My candidates have been Green Party or Progressive. Last presidential election, like many of you, I was encouraged and enthusiastic about the clarity and intelligence of Bernie Sanders. He didn’t win the nomination and with less enthusiasm, I cast my vote for Hilary Clinton – she was the best remaining option. But many progressives refused to vote, as though their abstinence had tangible value, and look what followed. We don’t always get our first choices, but we will have another U.S. President, hopefully sooner than later. Not voting is not only unhelpful, it is barely noticed by others and has no more value than giving you the ability to say, “…not my fault.” Money has too much influence in our political system. It takes 1000 ordinary votes to offset the influence of a millionaire. That number may be closer to 10,000. There is a reason the conservative party is thwarting voting rights; they expect to lose if everyone votes. If you can’t have the dish you want, do you really want to go hungry?


Pandemic Insights

We all hate the disruptive effects of the coronavirus we suffer. If I could will it away, I would in a moment. Even though infection rates are worse presently than they were at the bogus peak hailed in April, time has a way of calming our sensibilities. As we have improved our understanding of CoViD19, we have improved our ability to cope with it. As my fears diminished, I found myself appreciating less crowded roads. Only fools believe that we can pollute our air, water and soil without consequences. The sad circumstances of the coronavirus have reduced road congestion, improved air quality, and helped us understand how much we don’t need to drive. Each of these is a component of an environmentally sustainable world. Let us preserve these outcomes. With adjustments to urban planning, investments in mass transit and with never before tried principles of economy, labor and distribution of wealth and time, these very changes will become necessary parts of sensible life on earth. Any theory predicated on never-ending growth is irrational and delusional. There is no more time to waste. Older climate change deniers are cynical and irresponsible. Their children will curse them while paying for their errors.